Patient Reviews

Always a good experience there All the work was done very well I have been going to her for years She’s a great doctor. Everybody loves her.

BERNICE A. | Oct 03, 2023

JOHN M. | Oct 01, 2023
Penny is great!

BRENDA T A. | Oct 01, 2023
Expert & compassionate care. I have been a patient there for 25 years!

BONNIE S M. | Sep 29, 2023
EXCELLENT care as ALWAYS!! Thank you so much!!

MARTHA F. | Sep 29, 2023
Everyone is so kind and caring

KATHRYN L C. | Sep 28, 2023
I would highly recommend this dermatologist office. I was greeted with very friendly staff at the front desk. I was then taken back to the room with the doctors assistant, who was very welcoming. He was very attentive to writing down all of my medical history and issues I was having with my skin. I then finally had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Reema Patel. After a quick overview, she was immediately able to give me a diagnosis for the rash I was having on my face and also on my body. I cannot explain how relieved I was finally getting a I cannot explain how relieved I was finally getting an answer after so many years of not knowing what was going on with my skin. She very kindly called in various prescriptions to help with my skin issues. I have seen many dermatologist over the years between my three daughters and I and have never encountered such high-quality professionals at a doctors office. I am so grateful to have experienced such high-quality care, and I would highly recommend Dr. Reema Patel.

Suzanne T. | Sep 27, 2023
Great team. Always listens to your needs.

PAMELA L. | Sep 27, 2023
Reema and Paul have provided me exceptional attention to detail in care and genuinely warm support. It makes a huge difference when providers are “real” and human. I can’t thank them enough for their compassionate and highly skilled professionalism.

BRIGID J B. | Sep 23, 2023
I have been coming here for over 10years and Dr Rema Patel and her assistant are always nice and personable. They never rush and always answer all your questions

LAURA V. | Sep 21, 2023
Great experience with great people

Joshua S. | Sep 21, 2023
Office staff are all friendly organized and give a caring vibe. Pente is great!

KATRINA B. | Sep 21, 2023
"Exceeded all expectations and highly recommend! Personable, professional, and highly knowledgeable."
Jeffrey T.
"If you care about your skin health and are looking for great advice and treatment, Reema will take care of you."
Nino I.
"So happy with the service and experience at my appointment. From the receptionist, to the assistant to the PA Reema, all made my experience very nice and professional."
Drea M.
"Dr. Fiore is the dermatologist all doctors go see. You may have to wait six months to see her, but if you want the best that is the price to pay."
Ari S.
"I was able to find Dr. Reema Patel. She is extremely attentive to your needs and NEVER tries to push unnecessary products to get you spend more money."
N N.